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A troubled 16-year-old girl in Hawaii gets sent to a new foster home on the remote island of Molokai. There, she finds her way to strength and empowerment when a mysterious old Hawaiian man teaches her the ukulele, and she earns a spot in the finals of the Honolulu International Ukulele competition.

“Cassidy Mack was the co-star of the last movie I directed, Chilly Christmas starring Tom Arnold for Starz. I was struck immediately by Mack’s true story… that she herself was a former foster child. At age 13, she had already started a foundation to help other kids in foster care. With FOUR STRINGS, I feel it’s important to tell the full story of teen foster kids. That with the right love and support, they can be brought back. And doing it through the beauty and inspiration of Hawaiian music and the ukulele can only make the story even more gorgeous and resonant.”

Creative Team



Gregory Poppen is a writer, director, and producer with a strong background in family-friendly entertainment. He’s been Head Writer and Talent Producer for the Disney Holiday Specials on ABC and Disney Channel since 2013, and recently wrote and directed Rocks My House for Disney Channel. His feature Chilly Christmas, starring Tom Arnold, was awarded “Best Kids Film” at MipCom Jr. in France. Through his production company Poppenfilms, he produced and directed the pilots Adopting Dreams and Deli Doctor, along with the music video Gravity for singer Javier Colon (first season winner of The Voice). With experience in both studio and network budgets, as well as low budget run-and-gun filmmaking, Poppen is able to hit the ground running with a collaborative approach to creating amazing content.



Ray Ellingsen began his film career in 1987 as a writer. He has since gone on to pursue numerous aspects of filmmaking, from directing and producing, to supervising post production of feature films, documentaries, and commercials. In 1999, Ellingsen helped form the motion picture entertainment company, Ugly Old Bird Productions, which produced multiple film and video projects during its five years of doing business.

Ellingsen moved to Arizona in 2005 to manage the largest motion picture film studio in the state of Arizona, Hollywood-Phoenix Film Studios. Within a year, Ellingsen brought in three feature films, numerous commercials, as well as a television series for the studio to produce. Ellingsen left the studio and moved back to Los Angeles to further his filmmaking career.

To date, Ellingsen has written and directed two documentaries and a feature film, along with a multitude of commercial, instructional and industrial projects. He has also produced nine feature films and over 30 video and commercial projects, with two feature films currently in development.



Lee Roth began producing entertainment content in 1995 when he opened one of the very first web design studios. With an initial focus on computer game and television studios, Lee also offered photography services to his entertainment clients. Early in 1997 he won the WebDweeb web design contest for HBO’s U.S. Comedy Arts Festival, launching his career in Hollywood. As an online producer, Lee participated in several combined broadcast/internet firsts including VIBe (The CW Network – 1997), the first late night talk show to go live online, and Sinbad’s Soul Music Festival Part IV from Aruba (HBO – 1998). In 2001, Lee’s cameras took him on-set to shoot production stills for independent film and television, as well as to the press line at Hollywood’s most prestigious events including the Academy Awards® and Primetime Emmy Awards.  As of 2015, Lee has worked directly with European film financiers advising them on feature film and television project submissions. Since that time, Lee has read hundreds of scripts and currently works with Moving Pictures Media Group as a Development Executive.

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Moving Pictures Media Group, also known as MPMG, is a production company founded for motion picture, television, and internet content. MPMG provides a full suite of services to assist independent filmmakers, production companies and investors in the development, production, post-production, distribution, and marketing of their projects. Managing Director and Chief Creative Officer, Michael Minkler is a three-time Academy Award winner for his outstanding work on Black Hawk Down, Chicago, and Dreamgirls. A seasoned professional who has collaborated on over 200 projects with Hollywood’s elite directors, his most recent works include the Academy Award winning film, The Hateful Eight, written and directed by Quentin Tarantino. Chief Legal and Operations Officer, Ron Takehara, has a wide range of legal experience in the entertainment industry, from high profile cases involving motion picture and television industry litigation, to representing entertainment production companies, television networks, actors, stunt men and women, and screenwriters.

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In the film and television business, think of Roth Stock Pictures as the bridge between creative and business. We are story driven first and foremost. That is always our main priority. However, once a good story has been identified, our instincts quickly turn mercenary in order to get your project financed and into theaters, on broadcast and cable, streaming, in hotel and airline systems, and anywhere else we can get your content in front of an audience!

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